30 Parameters To Start Your First Adwords Campaign

Historically, The Adwords program started in 2000 and reported in 2010, 10 years after more than $ 28 billion to the Mountain View company. So yes, for tanks, they are reassured, Adwords is a program that works for both advertisers for the giant California! It is available this summer in France in 2011, with "Adwords Express" solution which as its name suggests, allows 4 clicks to create his "local" advertising, the decline is not here yet, but this product in one, does not allow the subtle play of keywords and bids. I will devote a few lines soon about it.

This post will attempt to provide benchmarks and guidance for those who wish by themselves start advertising on Google, and therefore do not follow a training adwords (shame :( ), despite saving time, to display ads located in interface of the search engine.
I will discuss, in the first chapter ecosystem adwords to identify the different components of the advertising program (actors, adwords, tools, management).

Then in a second step, I will keep the cycle of managing a adwords account , since opening up its optimization and milestones throughout the course of the advertiser.
In the third part, finally, I will raise the issue of estimating traffic impacts in a campaign.

Understanding ecosystem adwords

The three major players in the program are adwords advertiser, Google and web surfers.

Schematic adwords actors

The advertiser creates advertising on Google.
  1. The user types the search.
  2. Google returns a relevant answer.
  3. The user click on the ad the most suitable and arrives at the advertiser.
  4. The various parts in an advertising campaign.

  1. Actors (parameter of competition)
  2. The adwords account is in the center of the system between actors and tools. The web site is located at the intersection of adwords account and optimization thereof.
  3. The tools come with native adwords (keyword tools ..), online (SAAS platforms, Competitive Intelligence), Offline (spreadsheets).

The management cycle and the timing of a adwords campaign .

This is to give the concepts of planning through the management cycle to give some hints on the way to a campaign. How long an advertiser he needs to start his advertising for his website? What are the major steps in a project? etc ...

First, Adwords should not be considered linearly but rather virtuous circle.

Time 1: Organize / Plan

  • Create a customer profile (AdPlanner tool).
  • Identify marketing goals (conversions, Rsi).
  • Observe potential competition.
  • Choose the semantic field keywords, web site pages.
  • Optimize website - Landing Pages.
  • Find tools to track targets.
  • Organize its structure campaign budgets, goals, products or services (granularity king).

Time 2: Decide / Lancer

  • Account opening (note the time zone according to your ads)
  • Switch tracking conversions (Rsi, objectives)
  • Choose or budgets based on the number of campaign (s).
  • Separate the campaigns of two Google networks ("Research" & "Content")
  • Implement the campaign structure: Keywords + ads + Ad groups (Quality: ensuring adequacy keywords, ads, landing pages)
  • Set its auctions.
  • Limit campaigns "content network" to 50 key words (no match here)
  • Use managed placements to master exposure ("content network")
  • Launch the campaign!

Time 3: Observe / analyze

  • 3 goals in sight adwords quality, clicks and impressions, relevance of discourse.
  • Observe the appearance of his ads and those of competitors   (native adwords tool dedicated to this)
  • Analyze the results of campaigns, ad groups, key chain words.
  • Editing Performance Reports (aggregation).
  • Start a historical period results (months, weeks.) For comparative purposes.
  • Analyze the CTR, destination urls, Tx conversion CCP CCP max.
  • Follow his campaign reports and other dashboards.

Time 4: Optimize / manage

  • Optimize quality (keyword -> Announcement -> landing page)
  • Improve targeting (negative keyword and correspondence [large / phrase / exact]
  • Refine editorial: ads and ad groups.
  • Booster diffusion (calendar), and account for seasonality.
  • Extend visibility on different media (mobile, tablets ..)
  • Test ad variations and landing pages.
  • Use auditing tools site (Google analytics) to understand the behavior of your target. Enjoy the Google system and links between adwords and analytics.

It will be back during the next sections, each of these points.

As for the timing, he stressed the importance of the time dimension of a campaign.

There is no partitioning in these times, but it should be in a first campaign, however, observe a certain timeline in the course so that the account does its own historical, 2 weeks on average enough (time 2) after its launch (time 1) .

Time 3 and 4 are intimately intertwined although appearing here separated for reasons of presentation and understanding. To optimize this history, it will play on four essential variables in running a campaign budget, CPC (cost per click), keywords, and geo-targeting.

What can be estimated (benefits clicks) an adwords campaign?

Consider a hypothetical case, an estimate for a coupon Google adwords to 80 euros on a "piano tuner" on the search engine business only.

Count 5 euros of platform installation costs. Rest 75 euros.

What are the prices of different keywords that you want displayed (impressions)?

The generator keyword tool integrated adwords gives approximate cpc (cost per click) for the most expensive top 50 between 0.75 and 1 (rounded) in broad search (usually the cheapest). Take all this tool can be estimated because sometimes surprises.

However, we have two variables, 75 euros and the average cost budget per click 0.87 cts (although it is difficult to speak of average cost, since keywords have individual costs, and better than some performerons others in a campaign).

We can therefore determine the number of clicks : 75 / 0.87 or 86 clicks . How display (without clicking) it can generate? To do this, you must know CTR, Ctr is the ratio of the number of clicks on the displays, impossible to know before starting his campaign, therefore be based on an average rate of departure found. Here we take 2% (10% very good) will give us:

Calculating the number of impressions
This method makes it possible to have a cost estimate for a budget. The ad position varies according to the estimated max cpc (the more, the higher you earn a position on the page, but this is not the only variable comes into play the quality score , which is s' enrich as the campaign but have to be built from the start

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